Q: Broken brake line on 1996 Chevrolet Lumina

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Right beside th fuel filter are 2 parallel brake lines. both of which are rusted, one is leaking. instead of buying the 2 long sections of line and the connectors, would it not be feesible to buy a section with 2 connectors and cut out the bad section add 2 connectors and be done with it?
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Your best bet is to just buy the entire brake line. Go to your local Auto Zone or Advanced Auto if it is in your area and buy the break lines. You will need to know the specific length of the break line but it is relatively cheap. I had to replace the front break line on my 92 Beretta GTZ and it only cost me around 5 dollars to replace it. The are easily bendable so you can put the bends in yourself. Over all the whole project shouldnt cost more than 20 dollars.

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The best solution would be to replace to replace both lines completely. You can try and replace the rusted out sections provided you use the correct lines and connectors. Check with your local auto supply to see what is available. Make sure this repair is done correctly and there are no fluid leaks when the repair is complete. Remember, this is the brake system you are working on - no short cuts!
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