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Q: breaks come on by themself on 2002 Ford Explorer

my breaks are grabing by thierself without pushing the break peddle and then releasing after 20-30 sec and keep grabing every 1/2 please,does any one know what this is?
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Are you certain you are feeling the brakes, and not a drivetrain issue or other issue? What makes you feel like the brakes are applying, other an obvious slow down and retard of speed?

Are you accelerating at this time, are you cruising? Any other driving issues? Brakes are purely mechanical and require pedal pressure to apply. Grabbing by themselves for a period of time doesn't add up to anything familiar in the brake system. Even your anti-lock brakes will not operate until the pedal is depressed, and they work to pump your brakes, not grab them. Can you describe the symptom a little more at length?
thanks for geting back at my ?a litttle more detail for you.i just put on two new tiers on the rear of the truck and the problem started happining 10 min latter.i took the tiers back and the shop and they were took off and checked out and found nothing wrong with them.when im driving at any speed and let off the gas is when the grabing feeling feel starts to is going on while im driving and slowing down.i can feel a consistant thump thump thump as the truck is moving and and the truck starts to slow down rapidly.when i step on the gas the i can hear a noise like mettle im not sure if it is metale winning off on off on and at one point when this was going on and the problem released itself the steering wheel jerked back to a controlible manner.when this is going on the steering tends to shift to the right.thankyou for your help and i hope you have the answere for me on this .getting stressed out lol
There's always more to the story! Thanks for the insight.

Thump-thump-thump...rear tires replaced...slowing down... Definitely a peculiar problem, and one that a reputable shop should be able to assist with. Some things of note - the rear brakes on that vehicle should be disc, with the parking brake located inside the brake rotor in kind of a "drum" like form. It's possible that somehow some of the hardware inside broke free causing your park brake shoes to bind up on the inside of a brake rotor, thus causing a thump and a drag. You'll need to lift the wheels off the ground and spin them to see what wheels have drag to them.

But hang on here -- MUCH more that i've kind of digested your concern... Sounds exactly like an internal issue with your transfer case. I'm assuming you have 4WD or AWD with this vehicle. You have binding in the transfer case, probably brought on by the tires not matching size, style and or tread depth. An AWD / 4WD vehicle requires tires to be replaced in unison. You cannot have mismatched tires of any kind. They must be like size, like wear, like brand. Even a different brand in the same size can be fractionally different and size, causing an issue with the transfer case. Explorer's are particularly sensitive about this.

Check your tire sizes, brands and tread depth all the way around. I bet they don't match...either size, brand, or depth of tread. The damage is likely done internal to the transfer case. What you likely experienced after they replaced your tires is things starting to bind up due to the lack of symmetry in the tires. The binding would affect the steering wheel too, as the front axles start and stop working.

The only real repair here is transfer case overhaul or replacement, sorry to say. Best of luck, Brent.
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