Q: Brand new Caliper not floating? on 1993 Subaru Loyale

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I recently replaced the bearings, front brake rotors, master cylinder, calipers, brackets (including new pins and bushings) and pads. I bench-bled the master cylinder and bled the system following the recommended pattern (RR,LF,LR,RF). Now the brake pedal does not feel "spongy", but it does feel "springy". For example, if I pull up on the parking brake lever hard (keeping the button pushed in with my thumb), then when I press the brake pedal I can feel some "give" in the parking brake, and if I watch i can see mechanical movement of the caliper as I press the pedal. It's been too long since I've driven the car and I can't recall if this is normal or not. It does not feel like it's braking "confidently". Feels like too much pedal travel needed, but pumping does not change anything (seems not likely to be air in the lines). Any other suggestions what might be causing this?
(1) Answer
Your front calipers have the parking brake 'integral' to the regular or service brake system, so if you pull on the parking brake, the caliper piston is supposed to squeeze the rotor. There is a 'hill hold' adjustment that needs to be be done on this vintage Subaru, if it is a stick shift. Have you performed that? It will set the front pads properly.
How are your rear brakes? Are they drum brakes and if so, how is the rear shoe adjustment? If the rear shoes are too loose, it can give a springy pedal. How are the rear wheel cylinders ( if applicable)?