Q: brakes start pulsating /making noise only when coming to a stop on 1996 Nissan Pathfinder

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ABS lite came on & brakes were pulsating & making a noise. Had brakes & pads replaced and while the problem has changed slightly, it's continuing. The ABS lite came on just once since the brake job, and now the pulsating/noise occurs only when I'm coming to a stop, at the low speeds. A mechanic friend checked brakes again &wheel sensors, they are fine. Any idea what the problem is??
(2) Answers
If you did not have the rotors machined or replaced, then you may have warped/worn out rotors. The new brake pads accentuate this and can even turn on the ABS light. I would take it back to the shop and have them check their work just to make sure it is not anything more seroius.
If your car has a dust plate behind the rotor, check it. It is a thin metal plate that covers about 40% of the wheel and rotor assembly. I made a mistake while changing brakes and slightly bent it towards my rotor while trying to give the caliper bolt that extra "uuuumph". It wouldn't make noise while I was at high speeds however, it squealed and grinded at low speeds. A friend of mine found it and I surely felt like a jacka$$ knowing I had caused the problem while replacing the pads. The great thing about it is that the repair was free. Let me know how it goes.