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Q: Brakes on front worn to metal on metal, then no pressure. 1997 toyota tercel on 1997 Toyota Tercel

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I assume the front calipers over extended and I know they leak and I have no hydraulic pressure save the manual e brake. Can I repair or pop the caliper back in and it will seal and work or must I replace the calipers? In a financial bind with two immobile cars so the calipers cost is a big factor towards if I can afford the repair. also will i need to bleed the whole system and all 4 wheels if I replace calipers or just the front ?
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Unfortunately you have to change the calipers. If the pistons popped out that means your rotors are to thin. So you have to change the rotors also.

that is what i feared but have to order the calipers and wanted confirmation so i can remove them before i order to avoid the core charge. thank you. would you happen to know what must be bled and in what order? have had toreplace the rear drums twice between front brake changings and i dont want to screw up the hydraulics if i can help it. will do the drums next and make sure i set them properly. if they go out first again then will check the master cylinder. ty again.
You might want to try ebay or a salvage yard. I actually have found parts on ebay extremely inexpensive.
You have to be either tightening the shoes to tight or you are driving with your emergency brakes on. It is unheard of drums needing to be replaced that often. Seek out professional help.
i thought the same, i have to assume they were(rear drums) too tight or improperly adjusted. the adjustment is done through a slot on the rear of the drum after reinstalling the drum and shoes etc. everyone i have asked has said its perculiar the way its done. but since its the first year of the last generation, and last year sold in the us i have never found a proper chilton or haybes for it. and its just different enough from the previous gen to where older manuals are usually reciprocal for it. again ty and i will get it mobile and the address the rear brakes. i have been reading of doing a paseo rear disc conversion if the cost and labor is worth it on a car with 1yi( car with enough oil leaks on an aggregate amt to worry me about the gaskets. iit has 168( on it i meant. sry im typing on my phone
From what I can tell you seem to be intelligant enough to do you own work, you just need the proper info. The manuals that you have been wasting your money on you could have went to and spent $26.95 and got manufacture info. It is money well spent. That is any repair info on your vehicle.
May need new calipers and pads. There are a few mobile mechanics who can do the for you.i am somewhat close.
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