Q: Brakes, no pressure after replacement of calipers and then bleeding brakes. on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

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I replaced both front calipers on my 4x4 5.7 1500 dodge 2004. Bled the brakes from passenger rear to driver rear to passenger front driver front. Still no brake, pedal goes to the floor. Iperformed this procedure twice once with the truck off and once with the truck running. Still no brake pressure. Is there something else that needs bleeding?
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if you repleaced a brake caliper on your truck and didnt pinch off the rubber line , then you have a but load of air in the system . what you need to do is bleed your brakes (all 4 corners) starting at the whell ferthest from the master cylinder . so 1. passenger rear 2. driver rear 3. passenger front 4 driver front . that should do it it you have anymore questions let me know i run an automotive shop here in sacramento Travis
There is nothing exceptional about the bleeding process.

Use Mopar brake fluid, or an equivalent quality fluid meeting SAE J 1703-F and DOT 3 standards only. Use fresh, clean fluid from a sealed container at all times.

1. Remove reservoir filler caps and fill reservoir.
2. If calipers, or wheel cylinders were overhauled, open all caliper and wheel cylinder bleed screws. Then close each bleed screw as fluid starts to drip from it. Top off master cylinder reservoir once more before proceeding.
3. Attach one end of bleed hose to bleed screw and insert opposite end in glass container partially filled with brake fluid. Be sure end of bleed hose is immersed in fluid.
4. Open up bleeder, then have a helper press down the brake pedal. Once the pedal is down close the bleeder. Repeat bleeding until fluid stream is clear and free of bubbles. Then move to the next wheel.
Done this many times but for some reason I still can't get a break pedal when I start my truck. Changed the booster,master cylinder and checked everything else. I put new lines fron the front to the back so I have no leaks nowhere.
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