Q: brakes abs kicks in when applying brakes at slow speeds or when turning on 2007 Chevrolet Uplander

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when you apply the brakes in my van at lower speeds, it feels like the abs is kicking on. or even when u turn some what shart with the brakes on like into a parking lot it does it. have any idea what it might be
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In general, when this occurs it is from a problem with the wheel speed sensor circuit. If the sensors are dirty, or loose this can happen. It can also happen if the wiring to the sensor is compromised in any way. I would start by checking the diagnostic codes in the ABS Module, and then pull the wheels off and visually inspect the sensors and the wiring.
I had the same symptoms with a Chevy Silverado and it turned out to be a worn wheel hub (which also damaged the speed sensor).
On my 2007 Chevy Uplander, the ABS sensors went out causing the ABS warning light to come on intermittently. Because it is still under warranty, the dealer replaced the wheel hubs.