Q: Brake Thumping on 1992 Buick Century

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My 92 Buick Century Wagon just had the following work done on it: both wheel bearings, left front brake hose, left front caliper, clean/adjust rear brakes, remove/install right rear wheel cylinder, turn/machine rear drums, replace front rotors.

Now from the rear of the vehicle there is a thumping noise when I apply/release the brakes. It almost sounds like the rear drums are sticking. Is this a common problem? What else do I need to have done in order to fix this problem? What would likely cause that noise?

(1) Answer
It is hard to say what the problem is without inspecting the brakes. Perhaps the hand brake is sticking or the cable not allowing the brakes to release, the brake shoes may have been incorrectly reassembled, or the mounting hardware may have failed or be assembled incorrectly. Brakes are a safety issue and its best to have it checked out. Get the people who did the work initially to go for a drive with you, point out the noise and ask them to reinspect their work.
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