Q: Brake Squeal on 2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK230

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Since having break pads and rotors replaced 2 months ago my break squeal something awful. The garage does not know how to fix the problem.
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Which brakes were replaced? Was it the fronts or rears. Sometimes by the time the fronts are due, the rears are very glazed, which means that the new fronts get over worked, and then they glaze and squeak. I know this is counter intuitive but I have done this repair several times myself. I always check the rears and if they the rotors are bluish and/or glazed, I always recommend front and rears, even if the rears have pad life left. Your SLK 230 is a sporty car and most people tnbd to drive them in way that works teh brakes pretty hard. ( it is a fun car to drive ) Did the shop use factory Mercedes parts? If not, they will squeal. You can buy Mercedes factory quality parts from WorldPac.
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