Brake Shoes Replacement

Brakes are located at each wheel to enable the vehicle to come to a complete stop.

Drum brake systems are generally used on the rear of modern vehicles. The brake drum is attached to the wheel and rotates along with it. As the brakes are applied, brake shoes are pushed into contact with the brake drum, slowing the vehicle. The harder the brakes are applied, the more firmly the brake shoes press against the brake drums, resulting in the vehicle stopping in a shorter distance. Brake shoes wear each time the brakes are applied. 

To replace the brake shoes, the wheel is removed. Then the brake drum is removed, exposing the brake shoes. The wheel cylinders are inspected for leaks, and the brake drums and brake hardware are examined for damage. After replacing the brake shoes and reassembling the related brake components, the brakes are adjusted and the technician drives the vehicle to ensure the brakes are working correctly.

Brake shoes wear out over time and should be inspected periodically. Brake performance will be compromised if the brake shoes become contaminated with brake fluid or oil due to leaky seals or wheel cylinders.

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