Q: brake rotors on 1998 Acura Integra

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this is the thired time i replaced front rotors on this car. after a few months i get a vibration in the steering wheel and the front end shakes replace the rotors its fine then it all starts over again.. could it be the brake calibures.. the front end is tight nothing worn out
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Is the vibration there only when you apply the brakes?
You could have a piston in a caliper sticking or a flex hose that has collapsed,just enough to cause a rotor to over heat.Do you notice a pull to one side, while brakeing?And or a pulsating as you decel in speed to a stop or a more slower gradual stopping. The brake flex hoses use a clamp to secure them in a safe opperating position,away from sterring links and the suspension components.After yrs of service they tend to harden and the hose is not as elastic and gets restricted ,causeing pressure releasing problems.And brake overheated.Impact air tools are not to be used when tightening the lugs.Always torque the nuts to factory specs.
thanks i will check that out, i don't use impact on the lugs i do it with a lug wrench and i though i was over torquing the nuts