Q: Brake & rotor replacement - what to ask for? on 2005 Audi A4 Quattro

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The dealership said I need new brakes & rotors (front, just brakes on the rear), and boy was the quote expensive (out of the repairpal range!). When I call around to the independent shops, Is there a certain brand of brake pads/rotors needed for an Audi? Are there certain parts brands that will last longer (i.e. bosch is 50% more expensive but will double usage?) Thank you.
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The higher quality, OEM specification parts will likely have a longer life than cheaper, generic aftermarket parts, and they will also be less prone to squeaking, etc.

I recommend finding an Audi specialist outside of the dealership and asking for their recommendation, given the demands on brakes in San Francisco.
no there is no brand of that is for your car alone, anything made to fit your car is going to work it just may have a shorter life than the expensive parts...