Q: Brake rotor removal on 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

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Having trouble removing brake rotors. I can't find the right size socket to fit the nut to remove them. Is it a metric or standard socket I need.
(2) Answers
The bracket that the disc brakes attach to our held to the hub with metric bolts. Usually 17mm. The rotors almost always weld themselves to the hub due to rust. You might be able to squirt some penetrating oil behind but either way whacking it equally with a hammer will cause them to come loose. Most mechanics have a variety of hammers for delicate work like this. I'm assuming you are replacing the old rotors with new.
There should not be a specific nut that holds the front brake rotors on your Chevrolet Cavalier. With the wheel and brake caliper off the rotor should slide off the hub. It could be that rust has built up between the hub and the rotor causing it to become stuck on the hub. If the rotor is indeed stuck on the hub and you are unfamiliar with how to remove it you may need some help with this one. I would hate to see you damage something trying to remove the rotor.