Q: Brake Rotor Quality on 2003 Nissan Altima

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My mechanic said there is a quality difference between offshore made rotors ($40 set)and US made rotors ($80 set).
He said the offshore brand meets OEM specs but they fail & rust much sooner then the US brand. Is this true?
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I agree, some "cheaper rotors" even just visually appear inferior when you look at the way they are manufactured without ever getting into the metallurgy or heat treatment of the darn things. You don't need rotors for a race car but you do need quality.
I have heard similar comments from Nissan about this very thing. This goes for the brake pads too.
Personally, I've seen too many brake issues (noise/vibrations) due to inexpensive aftermarket brake parts. If you're happy with the performance and life you got from the original parts, then I say go with those again.
Perform a search on "Altima Brake Problems" and you'll see this is a pretty big problem. Cheap parts will not make this problem better, only worse. I suggest scouring the forums looking for people who may have found a good solution.
Best of luck!
95% of ALL brakes sold in the United States are manufactured OUTSIDE of the United States, and mostly in China. I was at SEMA and APPEX in November and there was not one brake manufacturer from the United States. The largest brake manufacturers with US names like Raybestos were at the show and admitted that they have their brakes manufacturered in China! Your best bet is to have your brakes cryogenically treated and this will triple the life of the brakes and prevent warping. You can even buy brakes from China and have them treated and these will last much longer and still cost less.
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