Q: Brake RED warning light is on, sometimes goes out randomly on 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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The brake red warning light goes on randomly,,I did notice the emergency brake seems to go to the floor when i press it but, otherwise the brakes work fine. A few times I noticed the brake pedal jump slightly when I pushed it down,,,this happened only twice in the past, been cold
(1) Answer
The red brake light is turned on when the park brake is applied or the brake fluid in the master cylinder is low. If the parking brake is not working correctly it could be that the ratchet and also the switch that turns on the light are damaged. Also check the brake fluid to see that the level is correct. Please get help locally if you are unfamiliar with any of this. Having your brakes working properly is very important! Please visit the following link to find a repair shop near you -
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