Q: Brake pad warning light has come on on 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL500

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My 2004 SL 500 recently has displayed the warning light indicating brake pad ware. Is this to be expected after only 27,000 miles? If so would it be for the front, back or both? Do rotors typically get replaced along with pads?
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It could be either- front or back. Usually the front goes out first. It has to be checked by a technician.
There is a minimum thickness specs for the discs, so if it goes below this after machining it needs to be replaced.
Since the warning is on, you need to replace the brake pad's wear indicator also.

Thanks for the heads up Zee. I really appreciate your feedback. Any idea if this sounds normal for 27,000 miles. Any idea as to what this may cost?
Well, if you drive like an old lady it's a bit early, but from regular to sporty driving it's normal.
Also, if you don't drive the car too much, oxidation starts to build up on the discs, which actually wears the pads faster.
There is an estimator in this site here:
It should give you an idea.