brake lines on 1990 Toyota Celica

my brackes r brokin i have no brake and i doint now whut it culd be i haed 1 bad brake line it leeked but now i have botumed out my car and i doent have aney brakes at all culd u hellp me out ????

by in Antioch, IL on June 27, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on June 28, 2009
Top up the brake fluid in the brake fluid resivior. Get a friend to depress the brake pedal and see where brake fluid leaks from. The brake master cylinder produces pressure and transmits this pressure through metal lines out to each wheel. The metal lines connect to a rubber flexible brake line at each wheel (to allow for suspension travel) ensure none of these flexible lines have failed and replace any that are defective. If fluid is then leaking from either front brake caliper, they will need to be replaced. I am not sure if your car has drum or disc brakes in the rear but the wheel cylinders must not leak (or they will contaminate the brake shoes) or rear brake calipers must not leak. If the system apears to develop pressure and not leak any where, bleed air out of the brake system by getting a friend to depress the brake pedal, with the pedal held down open the bleed screw at the caliper or wheel cylinder then close the brake bleed screw, raise the brake pedal press the pedal down again and hold pressure open the bleed screw allow fluid to be expelled from the bleed screw, tighten the bleed screw, raise the pedal and repeat until no air is expelled from the bleed screw, only clean brake fluid. Keep an eye on the brake fluid reviviour as you ar "bleeding" the brakes and top up frequently as required, start the bleeding procedure at the left rear, then right rear, right front and then left front. Brakes are so important if you don't understand any of these instructions the brakes should be inspected and repaired by a professional mechanic. It is also possible that the brake master cylinder has failed and can no longer develop pressure.
ANSWER by on September 08, 2010
Do exactly what patrick says. Also, take a couple grammar/spelling classes before posting questions again anywhere. I mean come on man, really? Its 2010, lets at least try to sound intellegent.
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