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Q: brake line? or Master cylynder? on 2002 GMC Envoy

i just repaired my brake pads, rotors, and calipers in my truck because they squeeked like crazy, and were grinding,then they just stopped working all together. Now the brakes still don't work they go right to the floor. My uncle who was a mechanic for 20 years says it definately sounds like the master cylynder, but my friend says it's the brake line.He is a mechanic also. I guess the fluid is supposidly leaking out of the right front brake line, but the guys that did the brakes said there were no leaks??? I cannot afford to fix both of these things and need my car A.S.A.P.. I have 4 kids and no other transportation right now. What should i do? Can anyone give me an idea what they think this may be? Like I said, the brakes just go right to the floor, and the only way to stop it is to put it park which is soooooooo not good. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
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DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR in this condition! You are danger to your kids and other drivers. Tow your car to a shop and let a technician check it. You won't be able to get help from here, unless you want to replace unnecessary parts. A trained tech will know how to diagnose this problem. You will damage your transmission also, which will cost you a lot more.
There is one thing that you might be able to check, and it's the brake fluid level.
Is it low? Do you need to add fluid to it after you pump the brakes 15-20 times?
If the answer is yes, there is an external leak somewhere. If you don't need to add fluid at all - level stays the same - it's a possible master cylinder problem.
Again, don't play with your safety features of your vehicle, don't endanger other's life!

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