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Q: brake lights stay on on 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK320

my brake lights stay on even after I drive off. I was wondering could it be a sensor problem. please advise thanks.
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If you mean the brake lights at the back of the car stay on it is probably a defective brake light switch. If a brake warning light comes on and stays on on the dash while the car is driven it may be caused by a low brake fluid level. Any displayed brake problem on the dash may effect or bring on a traction control or ABS malfunction light as well.
what if there is a noise coming from the area where the brake lines are (junction box); and the noise stays on even when you shut the car off. I had to disconnect the battery cable to get it to stop. What would you think the issue would be?
I put my ebrake on and after I released it my light stayed on. And my ABS light came on. So far I realized I was about a inch from full in brake fluid. So I filled it. But the lights are still on. Could it be that I need to replace my rear brakes? Or have the car connected to a computer to reset. Just wondering what should I do next. Thanks
i would be very curious to recieve an answer on the question regarding the mystery noise under the hood (two paragraphes up...). my 2000 clk 320 had experienced the EXACT same issue. almost like a weezing/high pitched squeal/whistling tea kettle noise. it isnt a quiet one either. a few times i could hear this noise all the way in my house (40-45ft. away) very odd, actually. My clk made this noise for approx 3-4wks off and on, and i havent heard it since. Weird.
This is more than likely due to a fault in the module that controls the brake lights in your vehicle. I believe this is a relatively common problem, but you'll need the help of someone who knows how to work with those modules and has the tools.
the sensor under the dash may either be loose or not working. I just fixed mine, and all it was was a loose nut that holds the sensor in position. All you need is a couple wrenches and you can get it lined back up to the little round plastic piece (you'll know when you get under there and see it) If it is lined up then your sensor could be no good/stuck. All the part really is, is a little module with a button that sticks out, When depressed, the lights are off, when you apply the brake it is fully extended. hope this helps
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