Q: Brake lights not working on 1990 Toyota 4Runner

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My brake lights are not workin I replaced Bulbs and checked Fuses all of which are good to go and still no brake lght but I do have tail lights and my right blinker doesnt work but left does all went out at same time????
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A 15 Amp fuse marked Stop protects the brake light circuit. Check the green/ red wire at the brake light switch (at the brake pedal for power , when the brake pedal is pressed the green /white wire at the switch should have power or the switch is bad. Green/white then runs all the way back to each brake light bulb. Check that the White/ Black wires at the bulb holders are making a good ground.
i have a 96 ford explorer, could this be the problem with as well? if so, how could i check the switch to see if it is good or bad?