Q: brake light switch on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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adding an electric trailer brake system, need to find the brake light switch to power the controller with varying voltage
to control heavy or light braking, where is such a sender ?
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If you look up under the dash while pushing the brake pedal, you will see a piece of metal moving in front of an electrical coupling. Left side of the pedal arm. That moving piece of metal, activates a pushrod or plunger at the rear of that electrical coupling. Half of the coupling is the switch. It has several wires coming from it. You need to tap into one of them. I have a 2500 and I think it is blue/red stripe. If you go further to the left, above the emergency brake, you might find a factory plug that leads to that switch. If you have that, you might be able to get a plug and play pigtail for your controller. You will still need to run the blue wire back to your 7 way plug.
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