Q: Brake light on after changing pads. on 1993 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

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Drove for 2 days after pad replacement then brake warning light stays on. Found the front reservoir EMPTY - back one is fine. Removed caps prior to forcing pistons open for pad replcmnt. Still driving (and stopping) for a week but find the front res. empty daily. How do I proceed?
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Yes to Answer #1. Problem definitely a leak in the brake lines somewhere. The smaller, front brake fluid reservoir, I believe, feeds the rear wheels. So, one place to look for your leak is the inside of one or both of the rear wheels. It could be a leak in a rear wheel cylinder. You can't see the wheel cylinder itself unless the tire's off, etc., but you CAN see the fluid coming out of the wheel. (Bend down underneath the rear bumper and peer at the inside of each wheel with a flashlight - you're looking for evidence of brake fluid having drooled out of the inside of a wheel and down onto the tire and pavement. Unless the leak is somewhere earlier in the brake line, elsewhere between the reservoir and the wheel, in which case, follow the brake lines from the rear wheels and see if you can notice a spot where fluid is or has been coming out.