Q: brake light not working on 2003 Volkswagen Beetle

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My brake light on the passenger side is not working. Do I have to go to the dealership to have it replaced?
Where would I buy a bulb and how would I find what size to buy?
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Changing the rear brake light bulb is quite simple and does not require any "special bulb type". It is not necessary to find a Volkswagen dealer to replace the bulb.
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I am surprised local auto parts stores didn't stock that bulb. It was an observation I had made when the new Beetle first came out that it was shocking to see how quickly the head light, brake lights, and tail light bulbs failed on those cars. It seemed like every Beetle that was two years old had a light out in some corner of the car. I should have given you the part number perhaps it would have made your search easier.
After I read my answer I went to 2 auto parts stores and finally found my bulb at Kragen's online site. The size is Sylvania 7528 and I found it under taillight bulb instead of brake light bulb.
GE makes the appropriate bulb.
It is called a P21/5W - I purchased 2 for less than $5 at Canadian Tire.

The dealer will charge you approx $100 to fix.
Replacing the bulb takes 15 - 30 minutes. The instructions for which can be found at the following link...