Q: brake light abs light and check engine light come on and stay on on 2004 Chevrolet Astro

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just had front and rear brakes done everything seems to be working but cant get lights on dash to go out are these sensor problems?
(2) Answers
If you had the job done at a shop and the ABS lights came on after the repair i would take it back and tell them. The ABS light will stay illuminated as long as there is a problem within the system. Couls be as simple as they unplugged a wheel speed sensor or damaged a speed sensor wire. The engine light is a seperate problem. otherwise have it scanned for the engine light. Most National chain parts stores will scan it for free. Like AutoZone
could have low fluid, bad abs sensor , or air in the system!!! probably a bad wheel speed sensor.....the repair to the brakes should have no bearing on the abs light being on...unless they were not on before you had the car serviced...they should have had no reason to do anything to any of the abs components with just a simple pad or shoe replacement