Q: brake issue:spongy when engine is running good when not all new parts any idea on 1996 Dodge Ram 2500

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bled according to book, master, then RR, LR, RF, LF,
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Next , when driving it , does it have good response to the touch and does the ABS work as designed?
very little pedal when driving, brake and ABS light are always on, only about 1 inch left to floor when brake is on
As globalhelper already mentioned then , possibly a faulty re-man. M/C. Disconnect the lines and plug the ports at the M/C (possibly came with plugs threaded into it for shipping)bleed M/C again and check pedal with engine off and then running. If the pedal stays solid while running this time , then you've either still got air in the lines elsewhere , or another part is the cause. If the master cylinder does not hold pressure , then exchange and bench bleed the next one before installing.
okay, here's where we are. Mechanic bled brakes, says master is fine. Good hard pedal w/engine off. Goes to 1 1/2 inches from bottom when running, good brakes at that point! the mystery continues...
Drum brakes in back? If parking brake lever (inside drum) is not in the fully released position and the shoes are not adjusted properly(must pull drums to inspect both sides) , that may cause excessive travel in the wheel cylinder also leading to your symptom.IF parking brake PEDAL is 'self adjusting' there may be a special method to release it(which I don't know , or I'd tell you).ONE other thought (don't laugh)........The pedal heights aren't the adjustable kind , are they??I had that in an Odyssey not long ago, the owner had unknowingly pushed on the adjuster button and lower the pedals to the lowest setting and then brought it in to us all freaked out. -------Don't think that's the case with yours , just had to mention it.either way , please reply with the fix , now I'm really curious!
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