Q: brake hoe busted by the frame on 2000 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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change disc brake and then brake hose got damage by the frame new hose but still cant get brakes after bleed all the wheels some one saying its the master cylinder but i am wonder if its the calipper please help
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Can't really Diagnose this type of issue 'online' so to speak, with out being there in person. Be sure to start bleeding from the rear wheels first and then work you way up. Start with the RR, LR then RF then LF. Be sure to keep the Master Cylinder Reservoir full while bleeding, don't let it get too low or you will have to start all over. If you have ABS, you may have to clear some ABS codes, or the system will not bleed and function properly.

Make sure that there are no external leaks, if your rears are drum brakes, make sure that the wheel cylinders are not leaking.
Best of Luck.
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