Q: brake drums on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

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how do I remove the drums?
(1) Answer
Here are the instructions:
Removal & Installation
1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section.
2. Remove or disconnect the following:
* Wheel assembly
* Brake drum detent (retaining) screw
* Drum from the axle
3. If difficulty is encountered in removing the drum, perform the following:
* Verify the parking brake is released.
* Loosen the parking brake cable.
* Remove the access hole plug from the backing plate and move the parking brake lever until the lever stop rests on the brake shoe.
* If necessary, turn the adjuster so that it draws in to allow more clearance between the shoe and drum.

To install:

1. Inspect all parts. Check the drum for cracks or excessive wear.
2. Turn the adjuster until it is drawn all the way in to the stop. Check that the adjuster turns freely. The nut must NOT lock at the end of the adjuster. Check that the parking brake lever stops are against the edge of the shoe web.
3. Install or connect the following:
* Brake drum and detent screw
* Wheel assembly
4. Apply the foot brake at least 10 times until clicking of the adjustment actuator can no longer be heard. This procedure will automatically adjust the clearance between the shoe and drum.