Q: brake drums on 2007 Chrysler Sebring

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how do you remove the brake drums on 2007 sebring?
(1) Answer
Remove the wheel mounting nuts, then the tire and wheel assembly. Slide the brake drum off the wheel mounting studs of the hub and bearing and remove it from the vehicle. If the drum does not come off, further brake clearance can be obtained by backing off the brake adjuster screw. To do so, perform the following procedure. Remove the plug from the rear of the support plate below the wheel cylinder. Insert a small screwdriver through the access hole in the support plate, under the adjuster, against the lever pawl. The pawl is attached to and pivots from the rear brake shoe. . While pushing on the pawl with the screwdriver to disengage it from the adjuster wheel teeth, rotate the wheel upward to back off the adjustment using another screwdriver or a brake adjuster tool.
Once the adjuster screw is backed off a sufficient amount, slide the drum off the wheel mounting studs.
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