Q: Brake Booster May Need To Be Replaced? on 2005 Toyota Sequoia

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My check engine light came on, and my check brake light had gone on and off for the last few days. So I took my Sequoia (72,000 miles) in for the 70,000 mile service. The service rep tells me I need new front pads for $189 (understandable), and a new "Skid Control Computer" for $832. Is this reasonable? Also he says that I may need to have my "Brake Booster" replaced for $1,123. Again, the only symptoms are the check engine and check brake lights. Is there some test I can do to confirm if I need my brake booster replaced? Thanks
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not unless you have a toyota scanner. get a second opinion from another dealer. also, check for any warranty on the module.

adam, what ever came of this repair? I just had the same situation and I'm curious how you resolved the problem. thanks.
I found a "test" on-line where you push down the brake a few times, and based on how it re-acts you can tell if you need a new booster. Below is from the site.

Here is how to test the brake booster, straight from the FSM....
1. With engine off, depress petal several times. The clearance from the petal to the floor should not change if the engine has not been run recently.
2. Start the engine with your foot pushing the petal. The petal should go down slightly.
3. Run the engine for a couple minutes. Shut the engine off and press the petal several times. The petal should go down furthest the first time, then gradually rise with subsequent presses. This indicates that the booster is airtight.
4. Press the petal with engine running, and stop the engine with the petal depressed. If the petal does not move after 30 seconds, the booster is airtight.

After doing this I found that my booster seemed to be okay, and I told the Service Rep to hold off on the repair.

Hope this helps.