Q: brake and parking lights on 2000 Dodge Stratus

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It's a 2000 Dodge Stratus. 2.4L engine. Brake lights work when park/headlights are off. When park/headlights are on and you press brake, all lights turn off in the rear. Would that be a brake light switch, ground problem, or both?? The 3rd brake light works just fine.
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Where? I cant find a wire diagram for it? Its my sons car, and he's in N carolina in college, so im trying to help him out. im in ohio
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If he has a voltmeter, he can connect one lead to a good ground connection, and the other lead to the black wire at any of the sockets for the brake and tail light lamps. He should see less than .2v at any time. The Black/Yellow wire is the parking lights, the White/Tan is the stop lamp circuit. They should get 12v when each are turned on. They should not show any voltage when only the other circuit is powered, if they do that's the power back feeding. If the ground connection is to blame, then the voltage measured from the black/yellow to a good ground connection will increase when the lamps are lit. When the lamps go out, he might measure as high as full battery voltage. (If one lamp was doing this I'd be concentrating on just that socket) HTH.
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