Q: bought jetta at auction as is, no ing start with screwdriver, dash gages dnt wk? on 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

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I know jetta will need ingnition, able to drive home but hazards were disconnected but still would randomly come on, the dash gages aren't working, and as I was driving it home would put in 1st then go to 2nd and best way for me to describe is feels like timing is off. it will idol up to 4rmps but not getting any more speed. windows are power but not rolling down, think there just off track. any ideas...would greatly apperiate it. Erica
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Sounds like a real cream puff! Seriously though, It sounds like it was a theft recovery and perhaps someone has damaged the wiring or shorted out some circuits. Start out by checking ALL of the fuses. I assume that this car has an aftermarket alarm system and someone has taped the immobilizer chip to the key antenna ring (otherwise, you would not be able to start it with a screwdriver). The window and instrument cluster problems are probably all related to damaged wiring. The engine low power complaint may or may not be related.

The next step would be to find a shop in your area that has the proper diagnostic equipment and is familiar with these vehicles.

Good luck Erica.

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