Q: Both Pads and Rotors Necessary? on 2004 Porsche Cayenne

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Within the last week, in my 2004 Porsche Cayenne, a warning sign is displayed ("check brake shop" which I assume means that my brakes need to be replaced) so I am going in to a shop to get a second estimate. My question is do I have to get the rotors, sensors and brake pads or can I just get the brake pads replaced? I am very tight on cash right now and don't want to get hosed by a garage. Any tips out there my friends? Thank you, Andrea
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Hi Andrea,
Your Porsche has performance style brakes where the brake compound is very soft. Those type of vehicles usually require new rotors, pads and sensors. There is a cheaper way by what’s called “pad slapping” but not recommended because it can stress other brake components. It all depends on how thick the rotors are. If the rotors are thick enough, you can replace the pads and sensor but if they are to thin it could cause some safety concerns. You will have to replace the sensor because when the light comes on it’s because the sensor made contact with the rotor and burned the tip of the sensor that’s the design one time use only. Hopefully this will help.
you need make sure your porsche is not have security problems,that you maybe use a powerful tool such as porsche piwis tester ii (
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