Q: both breaklightout where is fusebox etc on 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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Both breaklightout .where is fusebox etc..The breaklites on the bumper not the back window are out. Where is the fusebox and what kind of fuses do I use?
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A 20 Amp fuse marked "Stop/Haz" fuse number 3 protects the brake light circuit. Orange wire at brake light switch brings power to the brake light switch when the pedal is pressed both the yellow and white wire at the brake light switch should have power. The yellow wire goes back to the brake lights at the rear of the car so the yellow wire must be live when the brake pedal is depressed. Black wires provided ground for the circuit. Fuse box location is right hand side of instrument panel.
My dash light in my 1996 olds cutlass ceira is out , how do i locate the correct fuse and replac it , I do I repair the pin for my turn indicater
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