boggs down when its at 3500 rpms on 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

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my car is a 1990 mitsubishi eclpise gsx all wheel drive car with a 2.0 in it and its turbo but my question for you is when i get in about 3500 rpms my cars boggs down and like almost wants to die and it dont build up in the high boost and ive spent already 600 dollars trying to figure it out and i still cant figure it out i replaced the fuel pump and i got the injecters checked and cleaned and bout a new o2 censer and new spark plug wire and spark plugs and i got a computer for it i bought for 800 dollars and i just dont know what else it could be so i need help in figuring this out so if you have any answers please help me out
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You could have many issues, a misfire from the coilpack, a back plug due to predetonation and even a failing ecu. Start at the boost leak issues first.
have u checked all your boost lines? sounds to me like a boost leak. do a good boost leak test, ask someone at your local auto zone or parts store about what u need, and try maybe taking off the intercooler and cleaning it out with gasoline or rubbing alcohol. cheap things to do that may help you figure your problem out. all stock? does it have a boost controller on it? boost gauge? stock injectors? stock fuel pump? do a boost leak test and check n clean ur intercooler. thats where id start. hope this helps...