Q: body control module location on 2000 Chrysler LHS

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can anyone tell me where the bcm is located?
(1) Answer
The Junction Block and Body Control Module (BCM) are attached to each other. After removal, they can be separated. The Junction Block/BCM assemblies are located on the driver's side of the vehicle.
To Remove the BCM:.Open hood and disconnect the negative battery cable remote terminal from the remote battery post Negative Battery Remote Cable. Open the front driver's door and remove left end cap.
Remove two screws from lower instrument panel cover (outside end) Pull rearward on lower instrument panel cover releasing clips. Disconnect decklid release switch wiring, cable to hood release, and remove cover from vehicle. Remove left knee blocker. Remove under column ducts.
Remove Junction Block/BCM four mounting screws. Remove wire harness connectors from Junction Block/BCM. Remove Junction Block/BCM. Disconnect BCM wire connectors and RKE antenna connector. Remove Junction Block/BCM from vehicle.
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