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BMW X5 xDrive (3 Reviews)
2009 X5d. great mileage, 26 combined, 29-30 hwy. Drives nice and is a great looking vehicle. Had the check engine light on and it took 7 times over two years to finally fix. BMW does not seem to really care about cusomer issues. Other issues: sunroof would not close, battery died once and has been fine ever since. The interior is nice and it is a great car, just wish I didn't have to spend so much time in the shop. Check engine has been fixed without returning for 4 months. Maybe 7th time is a charm!
I brought this car and many malfunctions have occurred. First, there is the malfunction with the transmission and i had to get it fix for 6k but thnx god it was under the warranty. Next the screw fell off from the pipe and the it would make so many noises, it is disturbing and annoying. Finally there is a leakage in the oil and told me to refill multiple times i brought it to the shop and i want a need one is it possible?
Overall a great car ; I bought the car brand spanking new in April 2009 and have enjoyed its dynamic performance and shape.... However there are two annoying problems : 1. The FUEL PUMP warning indicator RANDOMLY FLASHES ON, sometimes 20 times a day, then nothing for 2 weeks!! This combined with the ANNOYING RINGING Sound of the BMW NANNY WARNING system becomes very irritating. There is no loss of performance , just this continuing problem. BMW garage hexagon in Highgate still cannot diagnose the problem ,even though they have had the car on two separate occasions for more than 5 days in total !!! Has anyone else experienced this FUEL PUMP WARNING ?
Problem two : The NANNY style onboard computer DRINGS at you for undoing your seatbelt . Good sense I hear you say and I would agree..But even when the car is stationary and you take off your belt it starts RINGING at you (VERY LOUDLY). You might be having a hands free telephone conversation but it still keeps BARKING at you. Or you may want to reverse and unstrap yourself ,only to hear the PLING of the BMW onboard computer jar discordantly against your favorite tune on the radio!!!
Please BMW get some more imaginative warning sounds or allow me to choose my warning sounds like the programming on a basic mobile phone ....