2003 BMW Z4 Questions

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The beeping keeps going even after the car is turned off and doors locked for a few minutes then stops. It sounds like a seat belt warning but the seat belt is fastened. I can see no warning lights from the dash.
I just had a 4 wheel alignment. I believe there may be an issue with the steering column or electric power steering
Drove fine to work, went out for lunch noticed battery light first and then all of a sudden my temperature gauge went into the red zone and a red light came on. Checked the coolant, it was low. so I added some coolant and car seemed happy for the few minutes the warning lights went off. Then back on they went. I pulled over and had it towed... I have replaced the reservoir tank already, so it shouldn't be a radiator issue. I just most recently had some ca-smog things replaced. Wondering how much money to fix this time and/or is it time to give up?
A long nail runined my tire so I put one on to replace it on the passenger rear side. Do I need to replace the other back tire?
cranks but wont start
Think it might be the expansion valve. How much to replace it?
All for wheels lock-up with out using pedle. Like bring the car to a stop . And turning the key off and on makes them release ?
My car only has about 80K miles on it and my air compressor is leaking oil. Can I just have my compressor fixed by putting new gaskets and/or whatever else is needed or do I need to purchase a new/remanufactured part?
the lite is red between the up-down buttons when the ignition key is in on position,always. top can only be manually operated. the shelf in trunk is in the lower position. any electrical troubleshooting or advice would be helpfull; motor,connections,switches, etc.
was told that fuel tank flaps are broken and whole tank to be replaced. Also now fuel indicator malfunctioning.
Anyone else get this message on their dashboard? Any fix for this problem. Does your engine act strange on some starts?
two i put in the thermostat pin and the other two i have no idea. under the wheel cover next to the tire.
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