2002 BMW Z3 Questions

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Could not pass an emission test; two possible problems - Fuel cap leak and thermostat not working properly were listed as possible problems
All of a sudden my clutch started to not preform properly. Now I have about 2" s at the very end of releasing it that seems to be connecting
Every time I wash the car, or, if it rains?
Today fan belt broke at highway speed. Before I realized it resevoir blew apart. Motor overheated. I am worried it damaged heads. No idea the cost but love the car. Just want to get it repaired without getting robbed.At shop now but I will not not get the outcome till Tuesday. Shop is Ken Baker. Any alternative ideas out there in case Ken wants too much $$.
steering wheel sets @about 11oclock when going straight off center. old tires showed no unusal wear pattern- will alignment get wheel back to center without screwing up what is a very good ride?
both banks running lean
ac unit blows cold but discharges air from window vent, defrost vent or floor vent not from ac registers. No matter of the setting position of directional control, it always discharges from the defrost register. anyone know what the problem is?
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