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Started car. Drove 80 feet. Cold air coming out of ac. Big pop and ac stopped and fan stopped. Replaced #20 30v fuse that was blackened. Thinking maybe the relays or possibly a belt ??? Have had no noises or prior problems with ac. Any clues?
attached to the roll bar
There was antifreeze that leaked out
Certain way then it starts to work again
Won't start but computer shows I'm leaving something on inside
while driving the car started shutting down w/o notice. the service engine soon light is on. friend mechanic says 2 cam replacements (?)Pls. advise
I have a 2001 BMW M roadster that has only 14000 miles that I bought about 2 months ago. It was only driven about 600 miles in the past 3 years. On a couple of occasions when I have put heavy use on the clutch, ie rapid acceleration from a stop and accidentally upshifting into fifth instead of third under rapid acceleration, I got an odor like what you smell when you have an electric wire burn. The clutch doesn't seem to be slipping at all when moving from a stop or if I floor it in the torque peak or hp peak. Gear changes are fine. The only explanation someone has offered is that some rust may have built upon the flywheel or pressure plate due to non use. It did it with the traction control on and the traction control off. I haven't watched the clutch fluid reservoir as I hadn't though that there could be a minor leak but I haven't seen ANY fluid on the floor. I have only driven the car about 100 miles in the 2 months I have owned it. I'm stumped.
This door lock cylinder turning seems to be a problem experienced by many BMW owners. The repair costs R outrages; costing from $500 to $800 to repair. I believe this is a design flaw by BMW & a recall should be leveled against BMW to correct this problem. My P. Door cannot B opened with the key & the D. Door is starting to work sloppy. So I risk having my car stolen because I don't want to use the locks anymore then I have too.
what causes the ABS and ASC light to go on and off frequently?
I have a 2001 BMW Z3 with 30,000 miles on it. I took the car to a BMW dealership and they ran a diagnostic test on it and found it to have 3 issues:
- Valve Gasket Leak (said needs replacement)
- Thermostat Replacement (t-stat, coolant & bleeder screw jams at times.)
- Brake Light Switch Replacement (causing transmission light to come on.)
I am bring it to another certified BMW mechanic next week, but my question is can I still drive the car over the weekend? The transmission light does not stay on the all the time, just every now and again. The car doesn't sound or smell bad, shifting from gear to gear is very smooth and the temperature gauge runs in the middle. What do yall think?
I have a 2001 z3 with a 5-speed manual tranny and a 3.0 efi engine,my ? is I have a filler unit next to the oil filter which states ATF oil only,and I need to add some,what kind of ATF can I use?
Would like to plug in an Ipod into radio.
Is there a kit or way to add on a jack?
the airbag light is on and the mechanic says it is code 71,what exactly is this?
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