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My uncles z3 has been sitting parked in the weather for 5 years. I put the key in the ignition and it will not turn and the steering column is locked as well. The key opens all doors and it’s the right one. I just got a new battery and thought maybe that would fix the problem. If that doesn’t work is there something else I could do. Thank you for any help in advance.
fuse for airbag
I pull over and shut it off, then restart it again and everything works fine for about 5 to 10 minnutes, the it all happens again. What is up with this?
The buzzing sound is loud. coming from under the dash on the left side. If i load down the electrical system with AC on and high beams on it stops. Otherwise about 5-10 minutes into the drive the annoying buzzing begins.
Same as previous question - just on the wrong year Z3
The EML, DSC, and Check Engine lights came on yesterday. I reset the DSC then the EML and the DSC lights went off. I disconnected the battery for 30 seconds and the Check Engine light went off. The car ran perfectly as always. Today all 3 light are back on and I cannot get them reset. Any advise and what is involved in dealer repair?
Just bought this car with 90,189 miles. I have no owners manual yet.
My Z3 power driver seat has 'play' and shifts back & forth when I hit the brakes/gas. I can also move the seat back and forth when I'm standing next to the seat. The brackets which attach the seat to the floor are tight, it's definitely in the seat track. Any suggestions on how to repair?
ABS, Transmission, Check Engine, and a couple other lights come 'ON' and stay 'ON'.

TEMP gauge pegs HOT (but engine is OK).

I have to start at LOW gear to get moving then switch to DRIVE when I reach speed.

In-time, it all goes back to normal.

It seems to occur when I hit a slight bump on the road.
Camber is tilted outward in rear wheels. Should I get a wheel alignment?
after cranking, the engine will hardly idle. after it warms up on the road, it seems fine. shut off and re-start it idles rough again. car has 20,000 miles and always garaged. never been tuned. feels like bad plug or bad coil pak.
how do you set the radio when there is a loss of power
I use synthetic oil. Should I rely on the oil change light on my dash or change at 6500 miles?
How do you check and charge the battery. Their is no corrossion on the terminals - very clean. The battery shows insufficient charge. The battery was replaced August '09 at the dealer. The dealer said probable cause is that car isn't driven enough. It is my girlfriend's and don't know how many driven miles.


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