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No dash lights or I radio when I put in the key in and when I start car no turnover, clicking, nothing. I JUSTIN drove the all week last week and it was fine. I did unlock the trunk and I was told i may have set a kill switch. Anyone have any ideas?
WHEN BACKING THEN STOPPING, , ONLY FOR A MINUTE, LOUD SQUEAL IN FRONT END. OK, it's definitely much louder when first starting the car in the morning, ( 60ish degrees outside) backing down (slight decline driveway) driveway to the street. Stops after about 30 seconds. When starting car after it's been sitting in the sun all day at work and backing out on flat surface, the sound is still noticeable, but much quieter.
1999 BMW Z3 2.5 : dimmer / rheostat on headlight switch doesn't work. Switch is pull -out type mounted on dash, turn when on to control instrument panel lights. All lights work correctly except dimmer function, leaving no instrument panel lights . So can't see speed, oil, rpm, etc. All lights come on when key is turned on, so it's not the bulbs; checked the fuses also.
Seems like headlight switch unit needs to be replaced. Any help? Thanks
My work associate Shaun did a DIY clutch job on his 1999 BMW Z3. After putting it all back together, he tried to press down the clutch pedal and it wouldn't move a inch. I'm thinking the fork to slave is messed up. He's getting it towed to my house so I can take try fix it. He also broke the upper bolt on the starter. This is going to be an new adventure. Any advice would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.
Transmission shifts as normal, but cruise control does not work.
125,000 miles on her and her steering has a lot more play in it. When I come to a stop it doesn't feel tight anymore. I've noticed this on other used cars too. How can I tighten my front end up?
Radiator and thermostat 1 yr ago! What could this be?
This occurs irregularly
Does it have a cold start injector
Is it true that 4 wheel alignment cannot be done?
My clutch pedal is "jerking" underfoot...I can definately feel the pedal actually jerking underfoot...HELP... I am a homeless woman that only has my car left to drive and live in...
When I change gears it feels like I am not in a low enough gear, and the clutch pedal is jerking under my foot...My car is older but it only has 74000 miles on it. The garage is trying to jerk me around telling me there are numerous problems with the car...I am on disability and have little money to fix my car, I am homeless and if I lose my car I not only have no transportation, I have no home...PLEASE HELP
Unable to turn off asc light
I just replaced my battery with a brand new one in November 2012 and today my car would not crank. It wont even click over, it just seems completely dead. We tried to jump it off but only the lights come on and it won't crank, we've even let it charge from another car for about 20min and it still won't start. Could it be the Alternator or Starter? My friend told me it might even be the battery cables. And if it's one of those do you know an estimated repair price? I'm an 18 year old girl and I know nothing about cars, so any help is appreciated! Thanks.
I hope you can help me, or direct me to a site where I can access troubleshooting procedures for my '99 Z3 (it appears to have an MS52 TU engine). Specifically, I've got a problem that allows the engine to start but immediately die; it won't let the engine continue running. I've bought a manual from Bently Pub., an OBD codes manual from Haynes, and an OBDII tester: the only error code detected is "p0101 p". The manuals all say that code indicates a Mass Air Flow 'signal value error'. While I might assume that means an open circuit, none of my manuals indicate how to test the MAF sensor, which I've removed and now want to test; I don't want to buy a new one, then find out the problem is in the ECM computer (replaced 2 years ago with a 'rebuilt' unit for $3k) or elsewhere in the circuit. Can you advise me, or direct me to a website that can help me? Thanks in advance.
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