1997 BMW Z3 Questions

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Can't figure out why right turn signal want work?
I checked fuse box and the starter. Everything ok. I am stumped and don't have alot of $ to spend for lengthly testing
Motor off, key out. Dinger chimes without cease. Sounds like a low fuel ding or something. Cannot find source or cause. Shuts off when engine is running.
had my car idling and started to over heat now i have water poring on ground on the back end of motor what might it be from
Happened twice in past week,after stopping at a light i start up and it feels like im in a higher gear and really have to feather clutch and give extra throttle.Could i be low on trans oil? any other ideas,once moving shifts and drives fine.Thx.
Glove box is stuck closed. Latch will lift but not open.
car as not passed mot co2 is still to high can anyone help please!!!!!!!
140k miles. 1.9 l engine. Jumps out of 1st geat sometimes, usually when trans cold.
clutch stays down all the time.
can I put 18 0r 19 inch wide rims with low profile tires on this z3 bmw 1.9 1997
does this 1997 1.9 z3 bmw come with 2 fans mine only has 1 should I buy 1 more for the front grill of the car my temp gauge is always in the middle Im in Daly city Ca?
According to the fuse box cover, fuses #41 and #42 are for the airbags. Does anyone know which one of these controls the passenger side airbag?
The seat moves forward and backward (excess play). It will not stay set in place. The seat works fine otherwise
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