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I bought my 2012 BMW X5 xDrive 3.0L last March '16 w/ only 35k miles on it, I've put a bit over 4.5k mile on it so far...

A month ago the radiator fans where behaving erratically and very loud, after about a week of this the car went into what BMW refers to "Limp" Mode, turns out that the water pump went out... I had the issue diagnose and repaired by very kind folks at a local European Specialty shop near me: "Woodinville Sports Cars" In Woodinville WA
to the tune of about 1500.00, to say the least I wasn't quite ready to dish out that kind of money yet, I truly wasn't expecting the car to literally break-down at such a young mileage age...

The added bonus is that after they inspected the car and determined that the water pump/thermostat needed to be repaired... there was an additional $3500 + $600Tax and Enviro cost dollars worth of repairs that needed to be done... i.e.:
1)- Break Flush $162
2)- Cabin Air Filter $171
3)- Oil Filter Housing and Oil Cooler gaskets $678
4)- Removing and Replacing Upper Radiator Hose (because it is getting soaked from the Oil leak) $124
5)- Removing and Repairing Steer-Power Pump $1750
6)- Removing and Replacing Suspension Swaybar $314
7)- Engine Spark Plugs $314

So as you can possibly appreciate I needed to sit down and contemplate the thought: Did I make a mistake in buying this car... :-)

After a month Ive come to appreciate that my Car is running beautifully, but I cant help but think that some of the repairs recommended are both very expensive and not really expected for the mileage my car presently has 39.5K miles...

to my questions:
1)- Is this normal for a car like mine
2)- After I have these repairs done... Can you recommend a good way to keep the car healthy?
3)- Is this a car I can rely on lasting beyond 100 K miles, or should I consider selling car now, and rid myself of more expensive experiences?
4)- Do you folks have any info about Woodinville Sports Cars Service? If so Would you recommend them?

I thank you in advance for any advice and answers you can help me out with...

Kindest Regards

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