2007 BMW X5 Questions

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From time to time there is an SOS light on the board . What it means?
We need an extra car for teenagers to drive. Drives great, but concerned it will become a money pit for repairs?
my navigation display monitor screen is now white and blank and not working. can you give me an idea what is going. have 2007 bmw x5 and my name is David Willis. Thanks !!!
electrical problem. while driving just the heat control section goes blank and turns back on readomly
I was told my fuel pump is no good. after the dealership diagnostic the vehicle, I was told it was a fuel sensor
Car just don't start after driving, but an hour or two later it will start again. I replaced starter and the problem persist.
If I turn on the A/C I can get full blast of air from the dash vents. When I switch to the heater I can barely feel air moving. The fan control bar increments up and I can hear the fan blowing harder and harder, but the amount of air from the vents is equal to the lowest setting. Same for all dash vents. I switch back to AC and I can feel that air easily from a foot away.
it always occurs after I slow down for speed bumps and then start to accelerate. I now give it less gas when accelerating and seems to help. It normally doesn't occur during motorway driving using higher gears.
my service contract just expired
It came on yesterday morning and has persisted. It feels "thick" to accelerate and there is a slight shuddering.
i just bought i due to reason hydrolic system was not working . i later found some thing might be compressor is missing
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