2006 BMW X5 Questions

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Is the rear compressor for 06 BMW X5 supposed to run all the time, or does it have a high psi switch?
p1093,p0313 are codes that came up55c4 also
Notice idle about 600 rpm, changed flapper, how do I solve issue?
The battery light, the ABS light the brake light the low air in tire light all come on at the same time. I took it to shop that only works on BMW and Mercedes. They could not find anything wrong with battery, alternator, brakes, nothing. The lights will stay on until I stop the car and restart, sometimes it takes several times to stop. anyone ever had this problem.
the light goes off again when the car starts to roll under accelartion and only comes on again when it comes to a stop and the brake is engaged and goes off if put into park
No change in way vehicle drives or handles, but book says to have checked out asap!
AC nor heater will come on in X5 BMW after switching back and forth.
Only leakes when engine is on. It flowa from the middle not sure if a bolt goes there or is suppose to be open.
My BMW is having an oil and coolant leakage, needs gasket and engine thermostat replaced. Where would you take it for the best service and price?
driving is fine not shaking no check engine light car is very powerful its a 4.4i the only thing each time you stop on a traffic light or a stop sign when you step on the gas she smoking
eng failsafe prog on the message center,and eng wont crank
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