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Hi guys, I have a 2005 X5, 4.4i with 114,000 miles. I have a received messages from "trans failsafe prog" to "4F 85 EGS: Ratio Monitoring, Clutch E. I have no idea what exactly is going on with this car. The dealer had told me that I needed a new transmission. I had it rebuild instead but it's still acting up. There is a slight delay before the reverse gear kicks in. If you press the car a little hard while on reverse, I would switch to neutral. Additionally, stop and go traffic has become a nuisance now because the car is making this clunk noise like someone just rear bump me or something. The car really take a long time to respond when trying to accelerate to change lane on the highway. I don't know what left to do. Has anyone ever experience something similar?
Fuses & wire connections intact, radio lights, cd/aux/BT functions all appear working, but zero sound. Note, car battery was replaced by dealer the day before. What is rec next step for repair/troubleshoot? It's become a very quiet, tiring drive!
My X5 has smoke that comes from drivers side tail pipe only. It doesn't appear to happen all the time though. Sitting at idle it will sometimes after driving for a while. Also if sitting at idle and then revved up smoke will bellow. I'm concerned that there is a lower engine issue and need some advise from someone that knows this 4.4L V8 engine. My mechanic says that it is because of a suction valve that needed to be replaced and that now there is oil in the converters that needs to burn out. I don't buy that story because after 800 miles it is still doing the same. I am currently monitoring to see if there is oil consumption which should help to prove or disprove this theory. I would appreciate anyone who can provide a little insight.
When I push the accelerator pedal to the floor.After 30min. of engine running the smoke is a little less but it's there.My question is:- PCV valves or valve seals or what else could be the problem.
My window on the driver side is down, I need to replace the regulator, but I can not raise the window to take out the screw that hold the glass. How do I raise the glass to get to the screw
I was told there was a female mechanic in Broad Ripple, IN that was very knowledgeable of BMW's but I don't know which garage she works for. I believe that her name is Tiffany Lynn something.
my break makes a squeaking noise, change break pad about 4 months a go. What is the problem, could it be the rotter?
My drivers side window is down and won't go up. I can hear the motor running but the window doesn't move. How do I take the drivers side door panel off, and will I set off the side air bag?
manuel reset oil service
the trans failsafe program light is on and the gear doesnt work properly it jerks wen the car is gradually coming to a halt lets say between 0-20mph..
Bought my X5 new, and now have 89,000 miles. At about 38,000 miles I noticed a hard 2nd to 1st downshift on rolling stops. Dealer said there were no software updates and there was nothing they could do. I repeated the complaint about the downshift problem a couple of times over the next 40,000 miles. Same answer. Also at about60 to 70,000 miles I begin to experience a shutter in the transmission/drivetrain. It only occurs while in sixth gear at engine speeds of about 1500 rpm, speed about 37 mph on level to slightly inclined roadways. It doesn't always shutter at these set of conditions but is getting more frequent with time. I am certainly not a mechanic but I might guess it is a slippage in the torque converter. The most recent suggestion from my dealer is to replace the transmission and torque converter. they may be necessary but I would really like some kind of more informed diagnosis. Has this problem been experienced by others?
All airconditioning and cabin temperature controls display lights are out. no fan blower
What kind of gas does this care take?
my fuel gauge indicator does not show the correct fuel level. Sometimes it shows full tank when it is half full, and on the same day with the tank still half full it will show empty tank and the indicator light goes on.
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