2005 BMW X5 Questions

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Can't get over 40 or 50 on hwy now. All lights on dash still on ? What is this?
panel. This panel has no max button.
I hear hissing Coming from my left-hand side rear wheel well. Also the self-leveling suspension seems to have dropped on that same side so I was told it was the airbag suspension can you give me a ballpark figure on how much this cost
My X5 won't turn on. I turn the key and the motor doesn't start only lights turn on
I have break fluid leaking from rear driver side line. How much I'm going to get charge to get fix?
My bmw x5 2005 consume more fuel, please can somebody tell me what to do

I need your assistance how to fix the problem on my BMW X5 E53 2005, experienced display on the dasboard "4x4 DSC in active" and engine fail safe mode. the signal will dissapear if engine stop and remove the ignition key.
I have change the transmission electronic module but did not fix the problem.

thanks for assistance and appreciated.

bmw x5 e53 2005
My engine temp was taking along time to warm up so had the thermostat replaced, but still no luck, it will still take ove 30-40 mins of solid driving to reach 1/2 way,then if I happen to put the cabin fans on on hot you can watch the engine thermostat drop to around 1/4, you can feel the heat difference increasing the faster you drive and drop off if I stop, any ideas?? Are these a linked problem or separate?
I replaced the tires and it helped but it didn't fix all of the vibration. I found evidence of grease loss around the front CV joints but i am not hearing the loud clunk when turning that is associated with CV joint failures . Does this sound like a wheel bearing problem ?I am not getting any codes from the on board computer or my OBD2 scanner. The X5 has 96500 miles on it and is a very clean car.Are there any special tools needed to replace the CV axles ? Thanks.
I own a BMW X-5, 4.4 ltr V-8. I am having a issue with my brakes, they lock up after I've been driving a while. Over the past 2 months I've replaced the brake booster, abs module, vaccum hose and both rotors on the rear of the vehicle. I've taking my car to several BMW dealers who can't find out whats wrong. The problem started 2 months ago, my brake pedal was hard to push in when i was driving, then the 4x4/DSC, brake lights showed inactive status. While the lights were on, the car started to slow down without me pusihing the brakes. Eventually I damged the rear rotors, so I replaced them and took the vehicle in. The BMW tech stated that he believes it was the power brake booster or the ABS module. We'll I am currently tired of spending money and my car is still doing the same thing.
while warming up car quit and hydro locked pulled spark plugs and found cylinders full of oil
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