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I'd like to try to repair it myself but how am I suppose to take the door panel off if I can't open the door? The lock is clicking off and on, I can see the manual lock going up and down. The window rolls up and down fine. Both handles, inside and out move freely, they're just not engaging - they move back and forth sloppyly, ya know. I see a few old unanswered questions on this website, I sure hope someone's manning it. Some date as far back as 2013. I couldn't find any self help videos on YouTube - can someone please give me advise. Thank you - Franci - I noticed tags in this question that aren't mine, like
"BMW X5" that's not my car. My car is a 2008 Pontiac G5
My passenger door will not open from the outside. I can open it from inside the vehicle.
My fan is stuck on foot position. Fan speed works, temperature works, A/C works, but I get no air from vents or defrost no matter what I try. Also, air from rear vents on back of center console is cold only. What door actuator or other has malfunctioned?
Can't get over 40 or 50 on hwy now. All lights on dash still on ? What is this?
panel. This panel has no max button.
I hear hissing Coming from my left-hand side rear wheel well. Also the self-leveling suspension seems to have dropped on that same side so I was told it was the airbag suspension can you give me a ballpark figure on how much this cost
My X5 won't turn on. I turn the key and the motor doesn't start only lights turn on
I have break fluid leaking from rear driver side line. How much I'm going to get charge to get fix?
My bmw x5 2005 consume more fuel, please can somebody tell me what to do

I need your assistance how to fix the problem on my BMW X5 E53 2005, experienced display on the dasboard "4x4 DSC in active" and engine fail safe mode. the signal will dissapear if engine stop and remove the ignition key.
I have change the transmission electronic module but did not fix the problem.

thanks for assistance and appreciated.

bmw x5 e53 2005
My engine temp was taking along time to warm up so had the thermostat replaced, but still no luck, it will still take ove 30-40 mins of solid driving to reach 1/2 way,then if I happen to put the cabin fans on on hot you can watch the engine thermostat drop to around 1/4, you can feel the heat difference increasing the faster you drive and drop off if I stop, any ideas?? Are these a linked problem or separate?
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