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I was driving down the interstate and without any warning started hearing a loud meteal to metal grinding and lost power to the wheels. The engine seems to be fine, starts okay and revs okay. Put it in gear and I get the grinding. Had to be towed home. The car free rolls now (park doesn't hold the car) so I have to use the parking brake. Trying to get an idea if this is a common issue that is repairable or if the Transmission is more than likely trashed. Also, I replaced the front axles about 19 months ago with no issues.

I am looking to purchase a 2003 BMW X5. It has 172,000 miles on it

noise from fan. it gets really loud. coming from front of vehicle. could this be a belt or the actual fan? car has 200k miles. it almost sounds like the car isnt shifting gears. I dont know what this could be

I took my 2003 X5 to the regular mechanic shop in town for its 100k service. My transmission intermittently has issues going from reverse into drive. They said the transmission fluid is burnt, and won't touch it. I've heard from other forums and mechanics that the fluid being burnt was normal after 100k miles. I figure my transmission fluid is a little low which may be causing the slow gear change issue. Does anyone have any advice before I take it to a much more expensive shop? If it seems normal, I can change it all myself, but if anyone thinks it'll just make the transmission go out faster (like the original mechanic shop said), I'll take it to a specialty shop.

Thank you!!

My BMW (auto) Shudders and jolts around the 30mph mark and stops when I put my foot down a little more. But when I'm using the manual gear change, this doesn't occur at all.

This car has been great with no problems until I took it to NTB to have oil changed, then 2 days later began getting rough idle and the check engine light came on and then began flashing. They forgot to put the oil dip stick back when changing the oil, and had to replace several gaskets and the oil sender unit (I think), now they want to replace the spark plugs and cables because of pin 4 misfire ( they told me that is what is causing rough idle, because evidently oil got into the spark plug and coil ). Not sure if they are just stabbing in the dark and guessing. I feel like the messed something up when they did they oil change, but don't know enough about it all to find out. Maybe I could repplace the spark plugs and coils myself, but not really sure if that is really the problem


I just purchased a use BMW X5 and discovered heated seat has a hot spot. the car is out of warranty where can I get this fixed? how much should I expect to pay?

I'm currently going to replace my transmission that has 170,000 miles on it with less mileage transmission with 36,000 certified miles from a damaged vehicle what problems am i going to come across in replacing the same year and model transmission

I am replacing my old transmission with a used transmission from a vehicle with 36,000 miles same year and model will I have a problem joining the computer with this transmission and what would be the procedures for the computer to respond Some mechanics are telling me they had no problems and some are telling me they have only 2004 and newer

Gas tank was 93 liters size, at 85k miles, tank somehow shrinks to now around 70 liters volume, BMW dealer knows no solution to fix this. Anyone encountered this as well?

not working no leaks can you tell me where to find the two fuses for this or advise what else to check

I have replaced the expansion tank but the new one is leaking also