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Every little bump , turn, or even at stand still , the 4.4i squeaks so bad, especially from the right rear suspension, I think. Is this an easy fix or what needs to take place for the squeak to GO AWAY...?
stering wheel do not tilt
Occasionally when I turn on my windshield wipers, they start to move up the windshield about six inches and then stop. If I pull on them in the forward direction, they start working. Other times when I turn them on they work fine. Obviousley something has gone or is going bad. I'm generally a DIY person, if I know first how to troubleshoot the problem. Might this be the motor, a relay, or is there a circut board somewhere? The fuse is fine.
staring the car is a problem, starter is new, engine runs well when started
2001 bmw x5 3.0 is at the dealer and they say i need to replace it. I engine noise and 110,000 miles,idle rough and would not run fast when the gas pedal was pressed. what is the cost?
Radio started bursting load scratching noise once in a while. Took amplifier (LEAR) out. Noticed small amount of moisture on one of the 3 wire harnesses. Carefully opened amplifier and cleaned small amount of mositure. Put back in and it played for about 30 seconds and stopped working. Purchased another one (used online). Hooked it up and it works for 30 seconds and shuts off. I've heard this means it needs to be reprogrammed. Is this true and is there a way to reprogram it without going to BMW?
I'm having problem with the Oxygen Sensor Heater and Evaporative System "Not Ready". Therefore, if won't pass. Does anyone know what the "Drive Cycle" is for the X5?

How do I change my temperature gauge from celcius to farenheit?
Since we are not having any luck with BMW dealership repair in Canada, regarding engine drain, can anyone recommend a good and honest BMW repair shop in Michighan U S ?
Occurs, consistently. I have had it checked by dealership. They say it is the blower fan. My mechanic unplugged blower fan and there still was a drain. Getting frustrated.
Yesterday I had very heavy white smoke coming out of the exhaust, smell something like burning rubber (temperature guage shows everything normal, needle right in centre). I stopped my car immediatley and turned it off, got it towed to the mechanic.
Mechanic told me that he was sure that the I have a blown head gasket and he is not sure if the head is cracked too. That he will find out after he take the head out.
After sometime he called me and told me that I will be better off if I get a used replacement engine instead of getting this repaired. As per him, it will take him too much time to take the head out and to send it to test (to mill it - that was the word he used- I am not a technical person at all). As per him, it will cost me much in labor hours for him to take it out and test it and if the head is cracked then I have to buy a new head. He told me that if its only the blown head gasket then it will cost me about $2k to get it fixed and if the head is cracked then total cost may go upto $3k. He also said that he don't guarentee the head repair and in his experience all the BMW face over heating issues after the head is repaired and its not worth it.
So he strongly recommend to get the engine replaced.

I will appreciate any feedback ASAP as I am without wheels right now and its affecting my work.

Couple of days back there was some burning smell in my car. The heat indicator didn't show any overheating (the needle was right in the centre). I stopped checked everything but found nothing. The next day when I drove my car about a mile, there was very heavy white smoke coming from the exhaust. I stopped and turned my car off immediatley.
I got it towed to a mechanic who told me that he is sure that it is a blown head gasket. He called me later on and told me that it will be very expensive to repair the blown head gasket and he wont guarentee anything after that. He also told me that he don't know yet that if the head is cracked or not. He will only know that when he takes it out and do the checks. As per him, its better to replace the entire engine as in his experience there are always issues of overheating after the head repair.
I just want to get a second opinion if that's truly the case.

Will be better off at getting the gasket replaced or head fixed if its cracked or do I need to go for the replacement of the entire engine.
I will apppreciate any feedback ASAP as I am without car now and need it back as soon as I can.
I'm thinking of buying a BMW X5 with 100k to 120k miles. What do you think? My last car (not a BMW) lasted 225k miles with little to no maintenance (regular oil changes, kept up on the routine stuff and had a great "roadside" mechanic)

- What do you think the average life of the X5 is? Can they easily get to 200k miles or will repairs get to frequent/expensive?

- Can a non BMW authorized mechanic do a good job on BMWs? He is a generalist (lots of Honda, Toyota, and American car experience but not much BMW specific).

- What main items would you tell me to look for in a prepurchase inspection. I plan to have a BMW shop do the prepurchase? What is a reasonable fee for a pre-purchase inspection at a BMW shop?

- Is there another BMW model that I should consider? I need 6 to 7 seats minimum....

- Any other advice? My other car choice is an Acura MDX. Dependability is important to me....

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

Thank You,
My 2001 X5 recently overheated the mechanic is saying it needs a new head and recommends the whole engine be replaced. I found a used engine from a 03 X5 wanted to know if it will fit my car before I buy it.
I wanted to know wat the best transmission oil one should use.

I ask this because currently am in Africa and the closest synthetic transmission oil I can get is from Total and its 5W-40 fully synthetic

Would you guide me on which would be the best oil to use and best alternative
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