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My 2001 BMW X5 E53 4.4i had a trouble code p0720 which is a bad transmission output speed sensor. I replaced the output and input speed sensors and also changed the filter and fluid in the auto transmission. When I pulled the pan on the tranny I noticed there were about 5 little pieces of medal about the size of a pencil lead at the bottom. I cleaned out the pan and put a new filter , sensors and fluid . I put it back together and started it up. I do not get the p0720 code anymore but the transmission when put in drive just revs like it is in neutral. Does anyone know what would cause this problem? I am hoping its not the transmission. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
locked the car, went shopping,tried to unlock ,the key just spun around, broke in, towed home got a cylinder repair kit ,fixed cylinder now it wont turn engine over to start
Engine runs but makes a loud racket that sounds like loud tappet noise but revs up easily. Noise is near the front end. Just got the car in a private deal, has 105k mi, found steel filings on the oil filter when performing an early oil change. Am told that engine is shot or nearly so and this is a recurrent problem with this v8 model. Prior to this only heard an occasional burst of tappets (3 or 4) intermittently at cold start up - never when hot. What do you suspect? What recourse?

PS, model year is 2001, not 2000
What temperature does a 2001 X5 bmw 4.4 liter over heat
hi. 2001bmw x5 e53, i replaced all abs sensors when i did the brakes.. now abs light is on but was not on before. i plugged in scanner and code was A5 breif power interuption. scanner was unable to turn off light. i bought a new car battery, when i turned on the car for 1st time with new battery, both abs and brake lights turned off, but as soon as i drive off they come back on..
turned off car and same thing happens, abs lights go off but turn on as soon as i drive away... please help... is there a way to reset this?
It gets louder the longer you drive it.
I have a half a tank of gas.. any solutions
When the car is cranked front passenger side window goes down.
I just had the fluid filled.
Started before when jumping it, but now just turns over.
While on the freeway, my 2001 X5 (165,000m) car developed a coolant leak, overheated, and was towed to the dealership. I was told there is white melted gunk in the radiator, so the radiator needs to be replaced. And I was told that we won't know if the engine damage is catastrophic until after I have spent the $$ replacing the radiator. Should I repair the radiator and hope for the best, or is it likely that my engine has catastrophic damage?
temperature gauge rises to show red, then settles to middle when driving, goes red when at stop. Same route may have no change in gauge the same day under similar conditions
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